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Maglev Turbo Blower
Blower is used to compress air by centrifugal movement of the rotor...

Active Magnetic Bearing


Engineering Service

FOSHAN GENESIS AMB TECH CO., LTD. (FG-AMB) is a manufacturing enterprises which specialized in the research and development, production and marketing of active magnetic bearing (AMB) and its relevant products. Main products: active magnetic bearings, maglev turbo blower, AMB spindle, high-speed motor, Mag-lev system for R2R processing etc. Products are mainly used in machining spindle, turbo machinery, turbo pumps, chip intelligent printing, and other high-speed, high precision, high temperature mechanical applications...

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  • FG-AMB 2019 IE Expo Exhibition Summary

    FG-AMB maglev turbo blowers are currently operating in various parts of the country, the industry is more and more widely used, and has been recognized by relevant users.