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RoDAP (Rotor Dynamics Analysis Program)

RoDAP is a rotor dynamics analysis engineering software that analyzes the mechanical system (eg: super high-speed turbines, super high-speed air compressor, automotive transmission system, speed reducer and speed increaser, etc.) constituted by the shafts.

BeDAP (Bearing Dynamics Analysis Program)

BeDAP is an engineering analysis software that analyzes the load and features (stiffness, damping, etc.) of axial bearing professionally.

PGT Designer (Planetary Gear Train Designer)

PGT Designer is an engineering software providing the professional technical support for the design work of planetary gear. The designer can select the gear ratio, set the gear strength and analyze the rigidity of gear by using PGT Designer. The core of this software is 2D/3D model, and the design drawings can be reflected by applying the well designed planetary gear model conveniently.

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