Core Components
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01. Active magnetic bearing

Adopt controllable electromagnetic force to have a non-contact and non-abrasion suspension support for blower’s bearing, with features of non-mechanical wear, low noise, and no need for lubricant, etc.


02. Fluid Dynamics Impeller

The three-dimensional flow design method is adopted and high strength aluminum alloy impeller processed by 5-axle precision machine tool integration to maximize the working efficiency of radial impeller and improve the service life of impeller.


03. Active Magnetic Bearing Controller

Digital signal processor: 5-axis position controller, 10-axis current controller, calculated speed 1000M/s, time frequency 200MHz. A/D: 20ch, 16bit; D/A: 4ch, 12bit.



04. High-speed Permanent Magnet Motor

The compact stator and filling type permanent magnet rotor structure are adopted and it is characterized by high working speed, high efficiency and long service life.


05.  Position Sensor

Inductive sensors, which can monitor X,Y,Z three directions, the inductive sensors send 5~100KHz AC signal to the sensor probe to monitor the position of the inductance value of the position offset.


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