Development History
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Y-1992 Set up AMB R&D team

Y-1999 Established AMB company in Korea (D&M technology)

Y-2000 20kW ultra-high speed magnetic levitation motor successfully developed (Korea Doosan precision co., Ltd.)

Y-2006 Ultra-precision nano-level spindle successfully developed (Korea HUYDAI WIA MACHINERY)

Y-2007 AMB HSM for IGT (40000rpm) successfully developed (Korea LG METAL)

Y-2009 Successful developed the first maglev air compressor in Asia (Korea Samsung )

Y-2010 100kW maglev turbo blower successfully developed (Korea Samil precision machinery)

Y-2011 Maglev vacuum molecular pump (Korea Jeil vacuum co), 200RT maglev refrigeration compressor developed successfully (Korea MAG plus co)

Y-2012 The world’s first maglev-system for R2R processing, 750kW maglev high-speed motor successfully developed. Founded "FG-AMB TECH" in China

Y-2013 1000kW ORC generator tested successfully (Shaanxi Power Energy Technology); 20KW High speed motor 2 sets(NUAA Nanjing)

Y-2014 100KW Maglev turbo blower 2 sets (Korea POSCO )

Y-2016 Successfully developed 50-400hp full range of magnetic levitation blower

Y-2017 Maglev energy storage flywheel (SACTI Shanghai), maglev helium compressor successfully developed((TIPC-CAS)

Y-2018 Maglev refrigeration compressor passed standard test

Y-2020 Set up “FOSHAN(GENESIS) AMB Technology Research Center”

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