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  • Oil & Gas:
    Centrifugal Compressor
    Trubo Expander
  • Turbo  Machinery:
    Turbo Blower
    Air Compressor
    Refrigeration Compressor 
    High Power Motor
  • Energy:
    Gas Turbine
    Turbo Generator
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    Machine Tool Spindle
    Special Processing Spindle
  • Semiconductor:
    Turbo Molecular Pump
    Printed Electronics
    Transmission Equipment
  • Others:
    Energy Storage Flywheel 
    Medical Imaging Equipment Neutron Chopper


FG-AMB's project case


Your present position: Home> TECHNOLOGY >Application

AMB Introduction

It uses magnetic force to support rotor, so as to avoid the contact between the rotor and stator, eliminating the friction of the rotary shaft completely and enabling the rotor to obtain a high revolving speed and running accuracy. With features like low energy consumption, long life span, lubrication-free, low noise, maintenance-free, etc.,Magnetic Bearing system is especially applied to the high-speed, vacuum, ultra-clean and some other special circumstances. It's a new-type and high-tech device which is face to future-oriented and environmentally friendly.

Technical Principle

As illustrated in the picture, the rotor is fixed between two radial bearings and two thrust bearings. The rotor’s position is detected by the sensor and reflected to the signal processor in real time. When the rotor’s position shifts, the signal processor will adjust the magnetic forces of the actuators at the respective freedom degree of freedom according to the rotor’s position offset, so as to make the rotor back to the correct position.


Main Components

  • Actuator
  • Main Components
  • Sensor


1. What protection device does the magnetic bearing has when it encountered a sudden power failure?
The magnetic bearing has an UPS device. When it encountered a sudden power failure, the UPS device will provide the power to the magnetic bearing, pending rotor (motor) rotation speed gradually decreases until it stops.

2. What protection device does the magnetic bearing has when it encountered a sudden shutdown?
Magnetic bearing system installed auxiliary bearings at both ends. When it encountered a sudden shutdown, the rotor will first contact with the auxiliary bearings, it won’t contact with the magnetic bearings and stator directly.

3. The difference of magnetic bearing and air bearing.
Different gap
We use the active magnetic bearing,
it can be real-time controlled according to the operating status of the rotor. The magnetic bearing can be stable suspension from 0 to rated speed range, air bearings require a certain speed (usually 5000rpm or more).

4. About supportive contrast between the magnetic bearing and air bearing.
Air bearing: The designed suspension force is related to the rotor operating state (speed size), and the maximum load is small. Magnetic bearing: it can be automatically adjusted within the designed maximum range, including setting bearing damping and stiffness. Theoretical maximum bearing force without limit (can be applied to a wide range).

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